Technology Distinguishes Rock Tops Granite, Kirkwood, Mo, from other Kitchen Countertop Fabricators

Home Builder with Rock Tops Granite

Rock Tops Granite has been acknowledged as one of the nation's fastest growing companies, thanks to the latest technology in stone processing equipment


St. Louis, MO - Charlie Thiede, president of Rock Tops Granite, was recently interviewed.  When asked about how his company was able to grow so rapidly in today's economy, Charlie explained, "We use the latest in high-tech equipment for cutting and shaping the stone to fabricate a custom kitchen countertop with a perfectly finished edge.  Because the equipment is very expensive, other companies are still using hand routers and grinders to work the edge of the stone.  This procedure is very slow and even the most experienced, diligent of workers cannot achieve perfection; one is often left with imperfect and wavy edges, bad seams and a poor final finish."


Charlie went on to explain, "The cost of each CNC machine is $200,000 to $350,000; however, the investment pays for itself by eliminating the many hours of labor expended with the use of hand tools.  CNC stands for computer numerically controlled.  This advanced technology allows us to keep our cost of labor down, a savings we pass on to our customers.  We can produce the highest quality custom kitchen countertops for the lowest price of most of our competitors."


Though technology was one of the major contributors to the growing success of Rock Tops, they can also credit their growth to a new marketing plan which was implemented in 2003.  Originally a supplier to large home-improvement stores, Rock Tops shifted its focus to the retail market.  Robert Gasiorowski joined Rock Tops as a partner in 2002, when he began crafting the plan to shift the marketing focus from retailers to homeowners.  In addition to investing in the advanced stone-processing and measuring equipment, referrals to Rock Tops, from over 10,000 customers, have made the company an industry leader in production and quality. 


Rock Tops Granite fabricates and professionally installs over 9,000 countertops per year.  They recently opened a showroom in Maryland Heights, where people can take a tour to learn more about this natural stone product and how it is harvested, cut, polished and installed to form countertops and tile.  Visit their website at  to locate a showroom and learn more.




Charlie Thiede

17411 23 Mile Road

Macomb, MI  48042


Toll Free:  1-877-ROCKTOP

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