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Client Story #1 - Sellers needing to sell within 90 days

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I received a call from a couple needing to sell their home fast. The husband was a Deputy Sheriff in Nash County and had started a new job as a Police Officer in Knighdale, NC.

He had a deadline of when he had to relocate to Knightdale or he would risk losing his job. They had already listed with another Realtor for 6 months and the listing had expired with one showing.

Critical Issue
They desperately needed to sell their house within 90 days. Otherwise, he would be forced to rent an apartment in Knightdale and continue to maintain the house in Bailey. This was something they couldn't afford to do.

Capabilities Needed
When they called they were looking for an aggressive Realtor that could sell their house quickly.

What I provided
I provided accurate and justifiable pricing, simple suggestions to help the home show better, and a custom marketing plan to maximize the exposure within the appropriate buyer group.

The sellers received and accepted a full price offer on their home. This transaction closed in 75 days thereby meeting their financial and timing requirements.

They were very pleased and used my services to purchase a new home in Knightdale, NC. They have since referred friends to me trusting that I would take good care of them as well. I have taken care of them and to date have helped one sell their home in Bailey, I have a second home currently on the market in Nashville, and a third who just contacted me to help them find a home in the Knightdale area.

This is how I grow my business, one satisfied client at a time.

David C Recker, Associate Broker, Realtor ® licensed in North Carolina. Reach David at: 252-442-2687

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