IDX is finally here!

Real Estate Agent with Realty of Warner Robins

In Houston county, we finally have access to IDX marketing! That means that our MLS is search-able now, through our websites, company and agent-owned.  Instead of potential buyers going to every company's website to see their listings, now all companies that opt-in for IDX, have a link on the website to all of the listings. (only the listings of the companies that opted-in.  This is a huge technology "move-up" for this area. It certainly levels the playing field more for the smaller companies that may not have many listings of their own.  For years, other websites, such as used all of the MLS listings on their website, but the agents nor companies were able to.  This is a definite benefit for the entire real estate community in Warner Robins.

In Houston county, we haven't seen much of a slump. Currently, we seem to have more sellers than buyers, but that should be temporary. We have seen buyers from other parts of the country that assume our market is similar to the rest of the nation, and low-ball every home they make an offer on. This won't work in our market.

Nationally, market conditions reflect a chance to breath, as well as a chance for buyers and sellers to reposition themselves to take advantage of the long-term upward trend in housing prices. The current slump in some markets has mainly forced a lot of quick-money speculators out of the housing market, as well as some builders and real estate agents. This may be the make-or-break year for many. For buyers, sagging prices present an opportunity to acquire a more desirable home. You may get a better price on a home that will pay off when the slump ends.  For sellers, this may be the time when your home on the market has to be in the best shape ever, and Q-tip clean.  Many sellers are offering incentives, such as paying more closing costs, and other items such as appliances.  I think the slow down underscores how crucial the role of Realtors have, as sellers realize the challenges of selling their home themselves in a chilled market.


Sounds like IDX will make finding a home on line even more accessible to all the internet users.  Very helpful to military wanting to browse homes in the Warner Robins area before they arrive in town.
Jun 06, 2007 10:40 AM
Cameron Jones
Realty of Warner Robins - Warner Robins, GA

Yes we are thrilled.  The IDX feature certainly helps the smaller companies compete with the larger companies.  Of course, not every company in the area has opted to use the IDX feature, so currently about 65% of the listings in the MLS are included in the IDX search. Too bad for the other 35% of the properties, as they wont be found by the buyers if they are searching my personal site or my companies' site.

Also, my company recently signed up for the statewide Georgia MLS. We were/are the 3rd company in the Warner Robins area to include our listings in the GA MLS. Over 44,000 agents strong and growing.  Currently, only about 25% of the MLS listings are included. 


Jun 15, 2007 12:41 PM

Do they have any homes with solar water heaters? I prefer those over the tank or tankless ones. I also do not want a home that faces the west but that is north facing. I like to get the winter sun coming in my windows in the back of my home where it is more private. 

These are the things I want in my home.

1. Deep kitchen sink. 9-11 inches, with drains towards the back rather than centered and the faucet on one side so the bowl on the other side is long enough to immerse my longer baking dishes in. 

2. Bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans that are quiet and vent to the outside not into the attic.

3. Any type of insulation in the interior walls of the house. It can be the fiberglass type. Just something type of insulation to dampen the noise from room to room. It does not have to be the fancy expensive acoustic barrier insulation. 

4. If I have a room over the garage I want the roof to have at least 8 inch rafters so it can have more insulation and room for a continuous and stable one 1-2 inch baffle. Upstairs rooms do no have to be hot if the roof rafters are properly ventilated and insulated. 

5. Windows that open from the top since hot air travels to the top of a space and can escape more easily if the opening is at the top. It also allows me to open my windows when it rains without rain coming into my home. The fresh air is so nice when it rains. 

6. A refrigerator with the compressor on top so that heat dissipates from the top. Stainless is not important to me. I like the refrigerators that look like they are stainless but cost less and are easier to keep clean. 

7. Never a garden tub. They use up a lot of water. I would rather have a narrower tub so it does not take more water to fill it up. Too, no more whirlpool tubs. They are unsanitary. The ones that force air into the water are much easier to keep clean and they are not that much more than whirlpool tubs. 

8. 14 inch overhangs so it blocks out more of the sun in the summer.

9. Air conditioning ducts in the walls not in the attic space. 

10. A bypass lever in my plumbing so I can route my washing machine water and rinse water from my kitchen sink out to the yard rather than wasting it. 

You can put an spout on the outside of your house that attaches to this so that a hose can be connected. This way you can water your trees, grass and garden without paying more for water or breaking any laws. 

More specialized things that I think will attract buyers 

11. Radiant in floor heating, not electrical radiant but the type that uses tubing that allows water to run through it that has been warmed by the solar water heater. 

12. The ability to turn on and off zones of heating and cooling. You can do that easily with the radiant liquid heating just by configuring the way the tubing is laid out and adding controls for it.





Jun 06, 2008 05:35 AM