Are Your Property Taxes Too High? - What You Can Do About It in Las Vegas and Clark County - Petition to Appeal Due by January 15

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January 15th is the deadline to file a petition to appeal your property value and lower your property taxes.


Step 1 - Find out your home's "taxable value"

Click here to visit the assessor's website and enter your street number and street name.  (*Tip - DO NOT include "Ave" or Rd" after the street name)

Click on "submit" then click on the parcel number next to your address.

Look to see your home's "taxable value" (see the red arrow below).  This value should not exceed fair market value for your home.


Step 2 - Determine fair market value for your home to compare with the assessor's "taxable value".

This step is easy!  Just click on the "Home Value" button below, or call me at (702) 523-7713 and ask for a list of recently sold homes that are comparable to yours.  (Called "comps" in Realtor lingo)


Step 3 - From the assessor's website:

If, in your opinion, the taxable value of your property exceeds the value indicated in the real estate market, please call or come in to the Assessor's Office and discuss your appraisal with an appraiser. The Assessor welcomes the opportunity to review any evidence you can provide that will show the valuation exceeds market value. If, after discussing the matter with the Assessor's staff, a difference of opinion still exists, you may appeal your assessment to the County Board of Equalization. You may obtain the appeal forms from the Assessor's Office during the month of December until the deadline for filing, which is January 15 unless it falls on a holiday or weekend, which then would make the deadline the next business day. Completed forms must be returned to the Assessor's Office by the appeal filing deadline date. Please call 702-455-3891 to have an appeal form mailed to you. The forms are relatively easy so you may represent yourself rather than incur legal expenses.



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