I Refuse To Participate In A Down Market! How About You?

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Last night I was doing some late night Christmas shopping and ran into an agent that my husband and I had worked with this past year. She made the comment to me that she really felt that she was in the right place. I asked her if she had left her company, and she said that she was now working full time for the county. She felt really good about her decision, and she also told me that her husband had not re newed his license and had gone back to working full time in a corporate setting.

I am so glad that they are content with their decision. It really is okay to Quit, but it is not okay to Give Up. Quitting just means that "this is not working, and I am going to quit and do something else. I may come back at another time". Giving up is just that, losing hope, not seeking out resources available to you, and giving up.

I know that they are happy and content, but they were both really good Realtors that we were privileged to work with this past year. My regret for them, is that I know that if they had taken advantage of the training they have been invited to, that is offered by Keller Williams (for FREE), that this may have helped them.

My husband and I are both trainers in Keller Williams, and we practice what we preach. We have shown other realtors in our market cener that even though this market is challenging, there is business out there, and we are teaching others how to find it, keep it, and sell it! And, you don't have to join Keller Williams to take advantage of the majority of the classes that are offered.

If you are in Keller Williams, and you are not taking advantage of the stellar training being offered in yours and other Market Centers, and your business is not at the level you really want it to be, then start ramping up your education! Most of it is FREE! If you have ever taken 4:4:3 or 36:12:3, and you have the books, you can re-take the classes at anytime they are offered! FOR FREE! Our KW Connect is there for you, and most market centers have found a way for you to have access to it 24/7 FOR FREE! You can have Gary and Dave speaking with you and teaching you every single day, just for a click of the keys!

My daughter asked me last night, what compensation do I receive for teaching in our market center. I told her, we don't get paid for doing this. Our belief is that "A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats", and "Givers Gain". We are also members of the Agent Leadership Council (ALC) and we have a duty to help others. When we help others in our market center, it comes back to us tenfold in many ways!

Other agents out there, please understand that Keller Williams is all about the agent. Our training is just that, Training! It is not a place to try and talk you into coming to Keller Williams. In fact, during training, our company does not allow us to initiate a conversation about changing companies. So, please remember this! If you are invited to one of KW's training classes, it is because this agent is trying to share the good news of our training. You will be treated with the utmost respect, and welcomed into the class. No one will try to talk you into coming to Keller Williams. If you are finding this market challenging, please contact a Keller Williams agent or market center, and just inquire about what training you can participate in. Some of it is free, some is a nominal fee for the value of what you receive! Many times we have Keller Williams International Trainers come into town. These are Mega Agents who are sharing their secrets with Keller Williams agents and agents from other companies!

In a nutshell, we are in this market together, no matter what company affiliation you may be with. If we can work together to get the education offered to us, mastermind new ideas together, and get the inventory reduced, we will all be better off for it! If you are unable to attend training now, you need to read Gary Keller's new book, Shift. It is an eye opener, and it will help you in your business in today's market!

My wish for all agents all over North America reading this is that you have a wonderful holiday season! I hope that December is profitable for you and that 2009 business is Off The Charts!!


Happy Holidays To You All!

Linda Hankins, Keller Williams Realty-Hoover, AL


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