Commercial Real Estate Agent with Don Bennett & Associates

As some of you are wrestling with staying afloat or getting ahead in this economy, I have found some light in an otherwise gloomy environment. As I prepare for  the week ahead, I am feeling compelled to let you know about how the CCIM program has accelerated my business. I  joined the program this January, 2008 and took several classes. I joined the local chapter and began to network with the best of the best. Even though I am just a candidate, the members have been a great help. I am working deals with several of them and find it so much easier to work the deals because we collaborate rather than act as adverserials. Using the tools that are provided with Site to do Business and CoStar, I was able  to present an investment opportunity in a complete professional package that wowed my client. He had never seen a property presented this  way. I was able to show him (in addition to comps, aerials, up to date demographics and traffic counts) industry profiles within the 1-3-5 mile radius, absorbtion rates, vacancy rates, projections for absorbtion, future deliveries for competitive properties and every building of similar size's performance. We are writing an offer this week. As you know, commercial real estate is all about knowledge. Between the great classes and the unique tools and financial models, the CCIM's, Candidates and affiliates are able to differentiate themselves. Check out their website www.ccim.com and see for yourself. The requirements are hard to obtain, the cost of the program and classes are high, but you would expect that from a world-class organization.

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