Baby it's cold outside!

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Weather here in the beautiful Yamhill Valley ( check out is for the most part very mild. Even when it is raining hard, it is still relatively warm, rarely dipping down below 40 degrees.

Then we get a "weather event" like we are having today and tomorrow. That means a lot of forecasting for the s word -- SNOW. What that really means here is that if there is the slightest skiff of snow on the ground for more than 15 mintues, everything shuts down. We are not experienced snow drivers, we are not prepared for it and even though I may be an excellent snow driver the chances are good that my neighbor is not.

It was snowing steadily around 6 AM and now at noon it is more rain than it is snow. We have to settle for our white christmas being the white lights in our award winning downtown McMinnville. See It is pretty spectacular. Frankly I will take that over the snow that must be shoveled any day of the week.

The arctic blast that follows today's cold -- 36 degrees and falling-- will at least bring ice.

I think it is a good time to be inside. I am cozy with my knitting. I could be doing housework but doesn't a snow day sound like it should be fun?? Me too.


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