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As a Delaware Real Estate Agent , I've seen it all... It is important to realize that many of you are just starting your journey to buying your first home.  You may get bogged down thinking that you want a home like your friends or family.  It is very important to stay objective oriented, that is being completely focused on one main objective and that is " BUYING A SOLID HOUSE!"

It has been said that most people generally move once every 5 years with some many years longer.  Moving does not happen everyday for you and it is important to understand that a home is a solid investment in your future.  You Will have to make some sacrifices at first... many compromises... Trust me it is worth it in the end! (You will thank me!)   Forget about how others live...when your just starting out ...your in a different ballpark!  Others had to build up to where they are today so when your starting out it is very important to be comfortable with a good starter home and try to be reasonable with your expections.  All I ask is have an open mind that home ownership is possible and that the home you want can be just takes time and patience.

Many homes in the lower priced range are in higher demand with all of the first-time home buyers looking at these homes.  Delaware has only a certain amount of homes in this low price range and please realize that all of you first-time home buyers are competing against each other to buy the home!  Their is much more competition on the lower priced homes!  You have to be ready, willing, and able to move forward with purchasing a home.

The first step I would recommend is that you get a good feel for what area you wish to live in.  Next I would suggest you call Realtor Tom Davis at Harrington ERA Realty at: (302) 398-3757 to help you find a suitable lender to help you with your first-time home purchase.  Tom Davis will guide you through this confusing process and explain everything in detail through contracts and required disclosures.  Please Be Sure To Ask For Your Free Home Buying Report For First-Time Home Buyers.  This Free Report will help take the stress out of some of the questions you may have now about the home buying process. 

Another Great Idea For First-Time Home Buyers is to take a look at the homes listing inventory available today to get a realistic idea of what homes are currently priced at in the area.  Tom Davis has a Free home search on homes.  Many First-Time Home Buyers typically look at homes below $150,000.00 simply because this is a good place to start looking.  Try not to go over board when your First buying a home.  Work with the lender to determine your Pre-Approval Amount and be sure to get this paper faxed in to Realtor Tom Davis ASAP! 

If you would like to at least take a look at the Delaware Homes Available Please Visit:

My Motto is truly "Think Of Yourself as a customer!" and you will see that on all of my branding in my emails and websites.  For More Informaton About Harrington ERA Realty and Tom Davis please visit me online at: www.DelawareRealtor.Biz


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Brenda Lachman

great article!

Another thing to consider is that a solid home is that which works for you. My recent book: WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF VACATION PROPERTIES: How your property can work for you  is a friendly user guide that talks about the niche within the niche in real estate: Short term rentals:

Check it out:

Dec 15, 2008 03:56 PM
Tom Davis
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Hi Brenda,

Thank-You for your comment, I appreciate the link.  Buying a solid home is very important.  Getting a great home is at the top of the agenda for every buyer!


Tom Davis

Dec 17, 2008 03:25 PM