Jackson Hole Real Estate - What's happening? Here is my opinion.

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Jackson Hole real estate has seen continuous increases year over year for basically 15 years now.  There had been a couple of lulls but no major declines.   What we are seeing now is what I refer to as reality.    The appreciation of the past was pushed by easy loans, low interest rates and speculation.    I have recently talked with people that I feel are more than average when it comes to the experience and knowledge they hold.  Some of these people think the old addage "Jackson Hole never goes down" is still somewhat true.   Others feel like we are just seeing the start of this.     One thing is absolute and that is we are seeing a correction right now.    Sales have slowed prices have dropped and still not many closings.    I do have personal predictions and opinions that I will gladly share.  I base my opinions on statistics and facts, though they could be wrong. 

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