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December 16th, 2008

The holiday season brings an overwhelming barrage of emotions . . . happiness, stress, loneliness, reflection, enthusiasm, depression . . . just everything one can imagine.  What should be a purely happy time can be a difficult time instead, and this year it seems like the bad news is never ending.  In the Door County world of real estate, it's certainly a down market; but compared to other areas we should count ourselves as fortunate.  Most importantly, property values, especially in northern Door County, have not dropped drastically.  Property owner's investment in Door County real estate may prove to be one of their better investments.  Although there have been reductions in the asking prices of properties for sale, those sellers are still a long way from actually loosing money.  The price reductions are great news for buyers, and now is a great time to buy condominiums, any shore or water view property, and inland homes. 

True, it is a hard time for real estate companies and agents everywhere, even here.  Some companies may go out of business, many agents may look for other work, but those of us who are firmly established and experienced will weather this storm and see sunny days again.  My company, Wilson-Shaffer, Inc., has been here in Ephraim since 1929; and I've been here longer than I care to reveal!  I have a great staff who have seen me through a year of personal tragedy.  

Our country will have a new president next month, and I am determined to go into 2009 with optimism and faith that our economy, our country, and the world will get better.  So, I wish happiness to all, whatever holiday you may be celebrating!

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