Social Networking : "Novices Can Apply"

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I have procrastinated, ignored and avoided social networking like the plague.  I could justify the "head in the sand" mentality by the overtaxed schedule of a real estate professional.  After all there were deals to be negotiated, clients to call, dishes to be washed, laundry that must be folded, hair to be combed.... oh the busy, full schedule of my life, just no time at all.

Now that the technological world of social networking has permeated the real estate business, the cocktail parties and finally the conversations at the football tail gate gatherings, I felt it finally time to either join up or start a therapy program, a 12 step for the uneducated in social networking.  Since my therapy schedule is full of other issues, I resolved to join.  '

It wasn't anymore painful than attempting to write a catchy online dating introduction, that made me sound like the combination of Audrey Hepburn',s grace, Madonna's daring, and Julia Child's culinary expertise.  Which of course came across as a gutsy, has been who spends her Friday nights in the company of the refrigerator. 

Actually, entering the world of social networking was easy and painless.  The format flowed quickly, asking me to answer some straight forward questions: name, position, education all of those items I already knew the answers to.  I am starting with an A grade.  I can only fall from here.  

My first attempt at blogging will have to be graded by the readers...  So grade away.  

If you are reading this as one of the other social network outcasts, stop procrastinating, jump in, fear not, you will have me for company and we can drown in the blogging pool together.

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