December 16 2008

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the Holidays are upon us, and Realtors and all gathering to discuss the past year.  One thing in common, the market is slow.  Another thing in common, it's going to get better.  That's coming from the older more experienced Realtors.

We've been through this before, and as history repeats itself, it's going to be long ride out. But out it will be.  Inventory is not increasing as before, but buyers are still buying and closing on homes. The investors are chomping at the bit as prices keep on dropping.

It's a classic Tipping Point. At some time, no one wants to wait anymore and they will buy. Once one starts, they all start.

Buy now, rates are low, and maybe going lower.  Don't let this be your would have could have should have market place.

Now is a great time, for you, as Professionals to hone your skills, to take additional training classes and to think of new and innovative ways to not only market your homes, but to market yourself!!  The NJAR triple play convention had a lot less people, but the ones who were there, believe in the market, believe in the Real Estate Industy, and believe in YOU. 

Now it's up to many Realtors® to take the steps to show the public that YES they are worth the commission dollars, that YES they are going to do the best to keep the sellers informed on the market, and YES, they will constantly market and try to attract new buyers and sellers.

See you in the trenches.


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