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What Rights Does a Property Manager Have?

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Exactly what rights does your property manager have? Those who are new to renting – or even those who have been doing it for years – may be unsure. Even property managers may be unsure. Here is a rundown of a property manager’s rights:

First of all, any time a property manager wants to go into a resident’s apartment or condo, he/she must call the resident(s) first. It doesn’t matter if the resident is out of town or not – a call is in order. Be sure to let a resident know why you’ll be entering their home and what time. The only time exceptions are allowed is in the event of an emergency.

A resident can’t order a property manager out, unless the property manager is coming over for no other reason than to “hang out” – coming in at midnight, visiting more than twice a day, having no real reason to be there, etc.

If a resident is away for longer than a week, a property manager has the right to go into their apartment or condo in order to protect their property.

Of course, with every apartment or condo comes variations in these rules. These are the basic or general rules of the rights of a property manager. For more information on condo and homeowners associations, ask us today! We’re Altman Insurance, based in Olympia, Washington.