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Having a niche or target market in your real estate practice benefits the Georgia home buyer / seller and the Georgia real estate professional.  This is especially true when you market your real estate services online.

For example:  When a buyer is researching homes for sale in Georgia they typically use search phrases that apply directly to their goals.  Search terms like NSB Kings Bay Relocation or Kings Bay Area Homes provide results for a site sponsored by a former Navy service member that has made various military transfers and now serves the community as a real estate agent in the Kings Bay community.

Home buyers looking specifically for Kingsland GA Homes will find them on a site tailored for the Kingsland real estate market, just as a buyer looking at neighboring St. Marys GA Homes will find them on a site tailored for the St. Marys real estate market.  Home buyers can also find free access to the Georgia Multiple Listing Service by searching for MLS access where they can search all of the area homes.

Home owner's that are looking to sell their home are more inclined to use someone they know or are referred to, but an agent that specializes in listing Georgia homes for sale can be found easily with a simple search.  Home seller's can also find companies or real estate brokerages like DitY Realty that specialize in Flat Fee MLS listing for Georgia home sellers which contrasts the traditional 6-7% commission structure.

My last example is Traci Nelson's website.  I know Traci personally and she loves working with people that are heading towards retirement.  Her site, St. Marys Retirement Living is designed for people that are moving to the area as a second home, vacation home, or as a retirement home.  Traci focuses on learning about gated communities, golf communities, low maintenance communities, etc.  All from the retirees point of view.  Her clients love her and many become adoptive or surrogate parents / grandparents to her.

Because buyers and sellers search the web to accomplish a specific real estate goal, make sure your website describes your specialization in that niche.  This will provide them the confidence to work with you as a "specialist".  It will also allow you to focus your marketing dollars on a target and become more proficient than your competition.  The point is that "if your marketing speaks to everyone it impacts and attracts no one!"

Make sure you love your niche and be specific enough to be the expert.  Just don't get so specific that you are only targeting igloo buyers with three legged spotted dogs that answer to the name lucky...chances are that you will capture that individual as a client but then you'll have served 100% of your client base very FAST and then be out of business!

Share your experience...what niche are you filling or have you used?


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marc feber

Thank you for sharing this useful information. I think this article is relevant not only for one looking for selling land, but also for one thinking to investing in land .

Mar 08, 2016 01:22 PM