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There is a crispness in the air.



Sounds a might better than "cold and blustery" as the weatherman's vocab permits. We REALLY need to work on his marketing skills!

Fulton, Missouri is crisp tonight. Subdivisions are aglow with Christmas lights, retailers are bustling with shoppers, snow is crunching under boot. The downtown district has cobblestone streets and shiney bright Christmas lights aligning the rooftops. There are Christmas displays in the windows and music filling the air from a place of audio mystery. The majestic historical buildings of downtown Fulton hold a plethora of stories, yes, if only the bricks could talk. (Thank God for small personified miracles!)

There are emotions present. Poised. Piercable.

In our office this very day the emotions swept the gamut. At 8 0'clock it was exhilaration from anticipation of a new, unprecedented low interest rate, at 9 o'clock there was angst leftover from a dysfunctional alarm clock, at 11 o'clock there was melodious song wafting from the closet sized office bathroom, at 2 o'clock there were tears of recollection and remorse from Christmases past, at 4 o'clock there was laughter and choking on chocolate, at 5 o'clock there was trepidation of gifts unobtainable this year.... emotions present and poised, pierced.

Quite likely life does not seem different here from other places. At least from a bird's eye view. But in the nitty gritty of it, in the daily 'grind', in the ins and outs, in the hurly-burly, in the dribs and drabs .... ok... you get the idea.... overall.. it is very different here than there.

Here there is growth. Here there is hope. There are local people continuously injecting time and treasure into our community to help it thrive.  We are gaining ground, we are keeping a steady economic heartbeat. Our property values are strong. Our developers and contractors have values and ethics (an occassional cat-call from a jobsite never hurt anybody - yes, I know who you are...), our neighborhoods are safe, our downtown has variety, we have jobs. We have B & B's, we have hotels, restaurants, bowling, cinemas. Ameren UE provides us with bountiful tax dollars which helps us keep the quality in our schools. We have two liberal arts colleges. We have a Wal-Mart! We have homes in subdivisions where we don't have to share ownership of miniblinds between our houses and a sneeze gets a "God Bless You" when it occurs in the same house in which you are present!

This is Fulton, Missouri. This is the Kingdom of Callaway. This is the county seat of Callaway County. This is the namesake for Kings Row.  This is the podium of Sir Winston Churchill and the Former British Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Edward Heath. For goodness sake Fulton has been graced by the former Premier of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev.

We. Are. Blessed. Fulton is an endearing place to be from. It is an enchanting place to visit. It is an entrancing place to relocate to.


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Cassie McClure
RE/MAX Fulton - Fulton, MO

I love the recolation of that wonderful day!

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