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Key to Success

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Key To Success                                                  



It's Christmas time and time for reflection. 



We need to think who helped us be successful or did someone hinder our performance.  If you're around someone that is hindering your progress you must decide if leaving that company or person is worth the risk.  If that person or people helped make you successful don't forget them.

Don't forget them when your planning next year.

Don't forget to include them in your prayers.

Don't forget to think of them when your shopping.

                 Yes, that's right shopping.

It's not the amount that's spent, but the appreciation for what they do whether it's a spouse that has supported you or a unbelievable secretarial staff that has done it all for you.

If we are the warriors they are the ones who built the weapons we use, without them we are nothing.

Without out them we LOSE.


The key to success are the ones we surround are selves with.

This is for you.  Thank you Tobie, Carol, and Patti.

Ella Glover
Lubbock Homes - Lubbock, TX

Great blog,  My dads favorite quote was " Never confuse where your going with who your going with".  Think about it.  we are our own boss!

Dec 18, 2008 03:12 PM
Quad Cities My RealTeam (Mel Foster Co.)
Keith Allen Allborty - Davenport, IA

I like that quote I had never heard that before. Very nice.

Dec 18, 2008 03:16 PM