New Year Resolutions

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I live in West Michigan and right now were getting a bit of snow, I think the weatherperson said 2 inches an hour!!! I love my state I love the seasons shoot I even love the poor Lions!!! This year my New Years resolution is going to be balance! I will play as much as I work. I will put as much energy into having fun as I do in making a living. I will make as many new friends as i can both at work and at play. I will be humble and compassionate to everyone everyday. I will get up every morning and smile at myself in the mirror. I will make other people smile everyday. Laughter will fill my days everyday. No matter what comes my way this year good or bad I will embrace it with a positive and proactive action. This I will do everyday.

Thanks...I already feel better " Hey, who wants to go outside and have a snowball fight?"


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