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My Mom has been "dog-less" for about 11 years now.  During our annual Black Friday outing, she told me as the day wrapped up "What I really want more than anything in the world is a puppy, but I just don't think it will ever happen". 

So as soon as I got home, I called up my brother and said to him "We've gotta get a dog for Mom!".  And so began our mission.  I canvassed the area; local malls, newspapers, all my connections, searching for the perfect puppy.  Well, not much luck at the mall stores.  Since when did a Mutt become so fashionable?  Used to be a chihuahua and a poodle mix was a MUTT...now, its called a "chi-doodle" and costs $899.00  (No offense to all the chi-doodle owners out there).

The newspaper had some dogs advertised, but OK, I'll be the first to admit...I'm a little cheap.  Well, let me re-phrase; I have owned 2 pure blood Golden Retrievers since I've been married, and both were completely FREE.  SO I have issues paying $400 for a dog, any dog!

Enter the local dog shelter; The Preble County Humane Society.  I happened to drive past a couple weeks ago and noticed they were going to have an open house on an upcoming Sunday.  I told my brother we should go, and cleared it with my husband.  You see, I had to get the OK.  Its not a place I can frequent, because I would be bringing home a constant stream of dogs, and my hubby knows it. 

So we went to the open house, and here is what we picked up:

                             Eddie the Puppy

Eddie the puppy, a black lab, "something else" mix

We gave him to my Mom and she cried so hard, she was so happy.  And I felt very good that we decided to go with the Humane Society.  Eddie cost us $75.00 to adopt.  And a large part of that fee goes directly back to the Humane Society, to help care for the other animals that call it home.

So now my Mom has her own puppy, who is about 9 weeks old.  She is trying to to potty train him, and he's doing pretty well, but for now he really is the gift that keeps on giving...if you know what I mean :)

Kelley Weimer, a house "SOLD" name!


For info on the Preble County Humane Society located in Eaton Ohio, call 937-456-PETS




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There's nothing like a puppy to make you feel good!  That's a nice story - especially at this time of the year when there are so many homeless animals that need a good home!  I'm glad you stopped by the Humane Society, too!  Merry Christmas.

Dec 19, 2008 05:31 AM
Kelley Weimer
Better Homes and Gardens Big Hill - Eaton, OH
Preble County Ohio Real Estate & beyond

Thanks!  My Mom has really been enjoying him.  Except for the little "presents" he likes to leave :) 

Dec 19, 2008 06:47 AM
geri wehry
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NICE JOB!  Not only did you make your mom's Christmas, but you helped out this little puppy and the Humane Society too!  Yep, nice job all the way around.  Have a great Christmas and thanks for sharing.    ...geri

Dec 19, 2008 07:55 AM
Regina P. Brown
MBA Broker Consultants - Carlsbad, CA
M.B.A., Broker, Instructor

Kelly, you did a good thing for both your mom and that adorable little doggie!  Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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Regina P. Brown

Dec 19, 2008 03:07 PM
Kelley Weimer
Better Homes and Gardens Big Hill - Eaton, OH
Preble County Ohio Real Estate & beyond

Hi Geri:  Yeah, I think in the end I felt better about helping out the humane society than I even did about giving my Mom a puppy.  I only wish I could have taken all the dogs home :(  And I'd pick out the ugly ones first!!

Hi Regina:  Thank you!  I got to babysit Eddie a couple days back.  He's a frisky little guy.  I dont think my 9 year old Golden Retriever appreciated the competition though:)

Dec 20, 2008 05:31 AM
Ginger S
Wilkinson & Associates, Wilmington NC - Wilmington, NC
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Kelley, AAAAHHHH Eddie is so adorable! Your Mom must be in heaven! take lots of photos as he grows~


Merry Christmas, Ginger & Bella

Dec 21, 2008 01:51 PM
Kelley Weimer
Better Homes and Gardens Big Hill - Eaton, OH
Preble County Ohio Real Estate & beyond

Hey Ginger!  I know...I'm lovin' him too!  I'll tell you what though...he's a frsiky pup.  My Mom showed me her arm and it is all bit up, from the teething.  He thinks she's a chew toy apparently:)  Happy Holidays!

Dec 22, 2008 03:59 AM