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I just read a quote by a guy on Dan Kennedy's website saying that he spent $1500.00 on 500 cards and made over 22,000. That is definitely profit! Good for him! It occurredto me that I could have gotent him those cards for 619.00 or less, depending on if he wanted a regular greeting type card or a postcard..if a post card it would be less.  OH..and that would include the postage and mailing them for him! ( he didnt mention his postage cost) WOW..his profit could have been a bit better...  :)

I like that.

I like knowing that I have a good product that can actually benefit business people and make a difference to others.

I am just rambling here, and really just using this as yet another place to post my thoughts, maybe someone will find them interesting, maybe not, that is ok. I do not expect any replies, but if you are curious about SOC and how it can help you, please feel free to drop me a lineand I can set you up with a gift account to get a few free cards...test the system....maybe you need to send a couple of clients a birthday card or some other card to stay in touch? Well, send them on me. What do you have to lose?  I will not bug you...believe me, that is not in my nature. You either see a benefit or you don't.


But, I am not here to sell anything to anyone, not at the moment, I just stopped by to get some info for a referral of mine and thought I would post my thoughts on what the person at Dan Kennedy's site had posted. Seemed a good place to post that type of a ramble!  :)

Thanks so much for reading and not telling me to bugger off!!!  LOL

Have a very Merry Christmas!


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