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I want to put my name in the hat for a new Presidential Cabinet position.  Common Sense Czar.  Seems like it would be the MOST important cabinet position as there are so few people with common sense.  I'm not sure how I got common sense, but I got it and it's a frightening gift.  Here are a few examples of common sense.  See how you score.  If you're not in government I bet you do pretty well!

Since it costs about 8% to sell a property and another 2% to foreclose on a property...what would common sense require as a down payment?
 a) 3%
 b) 5%
 c) 10%
 d) 12%
Common sense answer is c.  (This one common sense idea would have single    handedly prevented this world wide recession.)

Since a new car loses up to 25% of its value when it pulls off the new car lot, what would be the common sense down payment?
a) 0%
 b) 5%
 c) 10%
 d) 25%
 Common sense answer is d.

GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS (from President to village councilman)
a) should be appointed by a political hack
b) should be charismatic and good looking
c) should have a lot of money to buy TV ads
d) should actually have some qualifications
Common sense answer is d.

a) should be any legal citizen
b) should be anyone whose vote can be bought for a promise of a handout
c) should be embarrassingly ignorant of issues
d) should be a person who actually pays taxes and is not receiving any assistance from the government in any form including contracts
Common sense answer is d.  

should we trade with foreign countries that:
a) do not allow us access to their markets

b) Allow us access to their markets
Common sense answer is b

a) continue to allow hostile countries to hold us hostage for their oil
b) protect polar bears and let people freeze to death
c) exploit all our natural resources now
Common sense answer is c

a) give lot money to those who have proven they can't manage it
b) give a lot more money to those who have proven they can't manage it
c) burden our businesses with regulations and taxes that push the business overseas
d) remove excess regulation and taxes that will allow businesses to operate profitably within our country
Common sense answer is d

Because of technology businesses operate with fewer people.  So, should government:
a) continue with the same number of senators per state and require representatives to represent the same number of people
b) cut the number of senators to one per state and representatives have to represent twice the number of people as pre-computer day's
Common sense answer b

Should government workers
a)  have a better retirement plan than the rest of us
b) have the same retirement plan as the rest of us
Common sense answer is b

Should laws:
a) provide a more severe penalty to kill a policeman, fireman, or old person, minority, gay, etc
b) treat everyone's life as valuable
Common sense answer is b

the way to improve schools is to:
a) lower the standards so everyone can pass
b) throw more money at it
c) pay pupils to get good grades
d) hold pupils and parents responsible. You don't graduate you can't get a job. You don't graduate you can never receive any form of public assistance.  You rob, steal or commit a crime because you're hungry, you go to jail
Common sense answer is d 

It's not Rocket Science!  So, how about it.  Should we have a COMMON SENSE CZAR who can veto stupidity from any and all government decisions and programs?  I think so.  I'm willing to be the first Common Sense Czar.  In fact, I think I could do it in two hours a day and I'm willing to donate that time to our country, for a year or so until we get the old ship righted again.  Stupidity has just about sunk us.

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Terry Miller
Miller Homes Group - Tyler, TX
Miller Homes Group and Tyler Apartment Locator

Yes, Yes, Yes. Right on the money. Thanks for commenting on my blog and suggesting a look at yours. Great Stuff.

Terry Miller

Jan 21, 2009 02:40 AM