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This Puts things in Perspective at Christmastime

Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker, RPM

Christmastime is the best.  As a kid, we got all tingly waiting for Santa and all those toys, intoxicated by the smell of fresh cut Christmas tree mingled with the warm smell of Mom's homemade cookies and cakes and ... I miss it just writing about it.

I try to work the local toy drive where I live in Central Arkansas every year.  I love it, but it's not always easy.  For instance, yesterday, virtually no one else from my organization showed up to help unload two tractor trailer loads of toys.  We were very blessed to receive so many toys, but needless to say, I will need help getting out of bed tomorrow morning. 

But I kept thinking of the little kids.  There will be toys under the tree for some of these kids, ONLY because someone cared enough to donate toys or money for the cause. (By the way, THANK YOU to all of you who donated!  To any toy drive, food drive, etc. ANYWHERE - I know it's tough this year, so you are more appreciated than ever.) 

It's tough I know for many of my fellow Realtors this year.  I'm not exactly a high roller right now myself.  But so many of the families that we see at the toy drive can't pay rent, or groceries or utilities. They are REALLY having tough times and many of them have to struggle day to day just to get by.  I feel for them, and can't imagine the pain they must feel when they can't provide for their kids, especially at Christmastime.  I need to think more of others every year at this time, because it's too easy to get wrapped up in our own family and gifting, etc.  If you have a chance, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or at a relief agency.  See first hand what your efforts can do to make someone else's Christmas better.  It will not only help them, but it will really put things in perspective for you.

God bless, and Merry Christmas!


Mitchell Mote