Will you outlive your home?

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Did you know... your cultured marble countertops (20 yrs) will last a bit longer than your refrigerator (13 yrs) and your microwave oven and dishwasher will probably call it quits at about 9 years? Masonry lasts the longest with brick walls at the top at 100+, then chimneys, fireplaces, and brick veneers that last a lifetime! In the lifetime range is also copper wiring and copper clad aluminum wiring but electrical control switches last only 10+ yrs. Your modified acrylic kitchen sink will last 50 yrs and survive several faucets that last only 15 years. Whirlpool tubs can be expected to last 20-50 years depending on usage, showerheads can last a lifetime. Wood flooring, marble, slate, granite can be expected to survive 100+ yrs. and tile 75-100 yrs. Both interior and exterior paints can last up to 15 yrs, but homeowners often paint more often. Polyvinyl fences are designed to last a lifetime. The concrete shell of your swimming pool should last 50+ but the interior plaster and tiling only lasts about 10-15 yrs.

All these estimates were be found through The National Association of Homebuilders', sponsored by Bank of America Home Equity Division, study to determine the life expectancy of component parts of a home done in Summer 2006.. The study was conducted by telephone survey of manufacturers, trade organizations and researchers to collect data. Findings are not intended as definitive but only as a guideline, as consideration of quality installation, level of maintenance, climate conditions, and intensity of use must factor into the final estimate.   For the complete report:  http://www.nahb.org/fileUpload_details.aspx?contentID=72475  or visit the NAHB website at http://www.nahb.org/

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