Think Paint Before Listing Your House. It's an Easy ROI

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paint bucketI can't say it often enough - when it comes to buying a house, first impressions are everything. If you're selling or getting ready to sell your home in the coming months, one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to enhance that first impression is through paint.  Fresh paint makes your house look clean, bright, and inviting.

Painting inside and out is quick, inexpensive, and gives a huge ROI (return on investment).  If possible, hire a colorist to help you pick the right color for your house exterior and interior rooms.  If not, talk to your local paint store and find out what colors are selling.  Go to open houses annd look around to see what's being used.

Try to keep away from bright or unusual interior color.  This can be a turn off to prospective buyers.  The buyer needs to think about how their furniture will look in your home so pick more neutral color.  Stark white isn't a good choice either because it makes a room cold.

If your budget won't allow for a complete repainting of the outside of your house, then repaint the trim around doors, windows, and roof.   If you can, paint the front door a bright, inviting color. It's the first impression a buyer gets of your home.  If you live in a condominiium or townhouse where painting is done by the homeowners association and it's needed, ask what paint colors are being used and buy the paint yourself to paint the front door.  Just that one thing can really spruce up your entry.

Whether you paint yourself or hire someone, make sure all the prep work is done.  Power washing will help get all dirt away and something it's all that's needed. Don't forget patching and repairing any necessary areas on the surface before it is painted.

Fresh paint is a great incenetive for buyers and will be mentioned in ads, flyers and online by the listing agent. Homeowners and buyers place a high value on the painted appearance of a home. Include the date the paint job was completed and the quality of paint that was used.   Don't forget to leave any paint you use for the new owners.  They will really appreciate it.

If you're thinking about going with a different color, the experts say you should consider the architecture of the home. You should also consider what the house is made of. You can easily paint wood, brick, masonry, or aluminum siding. But if you have vinyl siding, it should only be painted the same color or a lighter color. Dark paint will absorb the heat and ultimately cause the vinyl to warp in the heat.

Be sure to have all your painting done before potential buyers view the house.  It is important to have all your repairs and painting done before listing your home and the virtual tour pictures will really be enhanced. You need that sparkling curb appeal from day one on the market. Anything less than that and you're just helping the other homes in the neighborhood sell first.

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Elizabeth Weintraub Sacramento Broker
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Great advice, Lenore. Oh, and I should point out that my mother was named Lenore. I haven't known very many other Lenores in my life.

Your post reminds me of my clients who had painted the wall facing the entry a bright blue. They didn't want to do any updates to sell it and refused to paint that wall a neutral shade of light brown. Well, we didn't have any offers after 3 weeks, so I brought over a gallon of paint and said, "Paint it." They did, and two days later it sold.

Elizabeth Weintraub Land Park Real Estate Agent in Sacramento

Jan 16, 2009 05:03 AM