Perambulator Parade

Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker

By Danny Mahelka

Life is so fast-paced. People are constantly rushing from one appointment to the next, from one errand to the next, from one chore to the next, and each time they find themselves hopelessly running behind schedule because of the many hours they spend parked on the five waiting dsc06805hopelessly for a break in the traffic that never seems to end. Unless, of course, they live or work on The Miracle Mile.

One of the greatest changes that has come to The Miracle Mile is the wide variety of businesses, services, and property available. Do you need to see your lawyer and your accountant in the same day? Did you also forget your wife's birthday? Maybe the kids have been bothering you to take them to that museum after they missed the last field trip? Look no further! The Miracle Mile has transformed itself into a one-stop-shop for services and stores all within walking distance of each other, all inside the confines of Wilshire Boulevard. All these offerings in one localized place inside Los Angeles? That, my friend, is why they call this place a miracle.

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