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Why you should have a Wind Inspection

"Specialists in wind mitigation for single family and multi-family dwellings"In 2002 the Legislature passed STATUE 627.0629 that state residential property insurance must include reasonable discounts or credits "for properties on which fixtures or construction techniques demonstrated to reduce the amount of loss in a windstorm have been installed or implemented." The fixtures or construction techniques include those "which enhance roof strength, roof covering performance, roof-to-wall strength, wall-to-floor-to-foundation strength, opening protection and window, door and skylight strength."

                                     AVERAGE SAVINGS OF 30%

Frequently Asked Questions

·  What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection, and why do I need one?
According to a 2001 Florida Law (627.0629), in order to lower the Wind portion of your insurance premium, you must provide your insurance carrier with a certified Wind Mitigation Report. It certifies the construction features of your home/condo that qualify for the discounts. Until September 2007, insurance companies weren't required by law to tell anyone abou it...that includes the agents representing them.

·   Will I qualify, and if so, how much of savings is possible?
Over 90% of existing homes, even older homes, already have one or more of the qualifying Wind Mitigation features. For homes built since 1970, that number grows to 99%. As for the amount of savings, the average savings has been 30%, it's common to see savings in the 40% to 50% range.

·   How long does the inspection take?
If you have your policy handy when the inspector arrives, and the attic access is clear, it takes
20  to 30 minutes.

·   Who files the report, and how lond do these discounts last?
The report is promptly emailed along with digital photos to you and your insurance agent. The certification is good for 5 years.

·   If I want to do this should I wait for my Policy to renew?
The discounts become effective the day your inspection is completed! The unearned portion of your current policy will be refunded by check from your insurer, and the discounts begin from that point...the sooner you do this, the sooner you start saving!

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