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Too many times I see people on the sidelines, wishing they could make money in R.E. and envious of the people who are.  They always have a reason for not investing now like "Can't find deals", "tried a mail out once and received no calls",  "afraid to use bandit signs, don't want to get into trouble",  "don't have enough money", etc.  Successful investors know these are just excuses and not success stoppers.

Let us suppose that you lost your day job because some new technology made your position obsolete.  You can't find a job and you can't live on your spouse's income.  What are you going to do?  Just go live under a bridge?  How long would you wallow in self pity before you decided that you had to do something?  At the moment you decide to take action, you would realize that there is no such thing as "can't".  That "can't" is just a word for quitters who don't want to try.  You are no longer going to buy into the news of its doom and gloom.  

Let me tell you a couple of true stories.  There once was a young man who wanted to be a success.  He managed to talk himself into a relationship with a mentor who promised him that if he was dedicated and persistent; he would teach him how to become a millionaire.  Things started off well, but then the young man started slowing down in his assignments, was late to appointments and even missed important appointments.  Needless to say, he lost the relationship with the mentor and is now working at a day labor company hoping for enough work to feed his family.

Another young man wanted to start his own business.  He negotiated a small contract with a bigger company, borrowed a little money, hired a few people and started.  The next year when it was time to renew the contract, the bigger company did not renew and hired his employees out from under him.  His business was no more.  Within a few days he had re-designed the business, borrowed against his home and started over.  This time he worked with several companies, had better contracts and more lines of business.  He had trouble managing his money and his company went under and he lost his home.  He and his family had to move in with his parents.  At this point, would you have given up on yourself?  If he asked you for money, would you have invested in this man?

 This man was persistent.  "Can't" was not in his vocabulary, and he did not give up.  He talked his parents into borrowing against their home so he could start again.  He worked hard, he networked, he was positive and created a better future.  His company is now a multi-billion company you know as Disney.

 Which one is more like you?  The only person that can stop you from being happy and successful is you.  It is up to you to get out of your chair and do something today that will make a difference in your life and those with whom you associate.  Success is created in the small moments when you are tempted to put off until tomorrow what you need to do today.  Laugh at the doomsayers, people who would put you down, but most of all laugh at yourself.

Remember, "There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction." John F. Kennedy (1917-1963), 35th president of the United States

Eric Hale a.k.a. the MadHabber has been a R.E. Investor for 25 years, is a R.E. Agent and designer of the List-n-Auction program, seminar speaker and writes for the local investor club.  Article suggestions and comments are encouraged.  Contact Eric at: eric (at) mickeysrealtor (dot) com

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