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Real Estate Agent with Real Living Darby Creek

Real Estate is a great place to be working! We agents get to meet new people all the time. No matter how naughty or nice they might be. Each one comes along our path for a reason. What we do with each one is up to us, do we dismiss the naughty ones or do we think about how to handle those better and walk away proud that we held ethics and morales and take the high ground. Be true to yourself and your clients.

Helping others seems to be what most Christians are about. Although we are dealing with some hard times. Working with people becoming homeless, to watching some people at every turn land time after time.  I must believe we are placed here on this earth to make a huge difference in everyday life. Not just when we choose to make a differnce. 

 On the other hand dealing with some contracts as we all know can be taxing on the nerves. Our job seems to be to serve as an educator, write contracts, submitt contracts, neg. deals, be a friend, a therapist, and much more. In the greater picture of all transactions it is really up to the buyer, seller, and banks to decide what the final numbers will be to close the deal. We must also, realize there are some people out there who will lie to make deals happen such as "the bank will not counter your client should write a higher offer" AT WHO"S BENIFIT? If the clients wanted to start off at a higher offer they would have! How many people are out there working with people getting them to write higher offers ? So they can make an extra buck!

Yes, we are to try to get the fair market value for our sellers and get higher VS> lower. BUT, we do not have to lie to get there,

Yes, we are to try to get the best price for our buyers LOWER VS Higher. But, we do not have to lie.

In the end buyer or seller, If we spell it all out, be honest, and so the contract might take some countering back and forth.  The clients decide the final numbers. NOT US,  It might take more work but, that is what we get paid to do.

I remind myself daily there are still good people out there, honest , and ethical. We are to do what is best for our buyers and sellers. No matter what STAND TALL ,BE HONEST, BE TRUTHFULLLL, TREAT EACH DEAL AS IF IT WAS YOUR CHILD OR PARENT!