Responsibilities to a Client

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A Real Estate Agent owes the Client specific fiduciary duties of trust and confidence. These duties include: 

The agent is required to act subject to the client's continuous control (following all lawful instructions) but not exceed the scope of authority conferred by the client. That is, do not make decision for the client.

Undivided Loyalty
The agent is prohibited from advancing any interests adverse to the client's interest or conducting the client's business in such a way as to benefit a customer, a subagent, the agent or any other party to the detriment of the client's interest.

Full Disclosure
The agent is required to disclose affirmatively and honestly all information concerning the transaction and property that might affect the client's decisions.

The Agent is prohibited from communicating personal information about the client told to or learned by the agent within the scope of employment by the client. Personal information must be kept confidential unless the client releases the agent from this duty. However, the material facts about and defects of a property are not confidential.

The agent is required to promptly report to the client all money and property received and paid out and, upon request, give an accounting of these actions. This duty also requires the agent to safeguard money and property held on behalf of the client.

Reasonable Care and Diligence
The agent is required to protect the client from foreseeable risks or harm and recommend that the client obtain expert advice or ass

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