Are we headed for Zero % (ZIRP)

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Are we headed to 0 % or ZIRP (Zero interest rate policy?)

Not since the 1930's, (after the Great Depression) have we had ZIRP monetary policy. However, I am hearing it more and more... and it may not be that far-fetched, since we have seen rates drop 2 points about 2 months, , another 2 ¼ points over the year is not much and would get us to 0%.

What is the net effect ?? we need lower interest rates (maybe not ZIRP) to stimulate the economy,  housing and hopefully, get mortgage interest rates to move lower to stimulate the economy' .

However, its a Catch-22, as we have to be careful not to create another Real Estate Bubble with people buying more home than they can afford with these lower rates.

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