Preparing to Insure Your Classic Car

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Classic car owners are proud of their vehicles. They have these gorgeous pieces of machinery that capture a certain time and a certain feeling. Classic cars are special and powerful, and they're an investment that will become more and more valuable as time goes on.

A surprsing number of classic car owners still insure their antique vehicles through a standard auto policy, thereby paying more for less coverage. Specialized classic car insurance can save you up to 75% and also give you a less restrictive policy.

Maybe you've been thinking about insuring your classic car, or maybe changing your insurance to better satisfy your concerns. Here are a few questions to help introduce you to classic car insurance:

Do classic car insurance premiums cost more or less than regular premiums?
They cost less! Regular premiums can cost as much as 500% more than classic car insurance premiums.

What if I have multiple classic cars? Do I get a discount for insuring them at the same place?
Nearly all insurance companies will give you a discount for insuring multiple classic cars with them.

How do they determine what vehicles are "collectible"?
Insurance companies are broadening their definition of "collectible car." A collectible car is generally any vehicle 25 years or older, and by today's standards, some collectibles can be sports cars, exotic, or collector's editions.

Can a young driver be covered?
Normally insurance companies require covered drivers to be at least 25 years old, but some require only 21 and up.

What about mile restrictions?
Every insurance carrier is different. Some require mileage restrictions, and some don't. Some will require you to report odometer readings yearly. Other restrictions can include a limitation on passengers, racing, and daily use.

For more information on classic car insurance, contact us today! We're Dennis Insurance, an independent insurance company based in Lutz, Florida.

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