Responsibilities to a Customer

Real Estate Agent with Becky Hancock Realty

No statement or action can result in fraud or misrepresentation. All laws and regulations pertaining to the transaction must be obeyed including the disclosure of material facts.

The agent is required to promptly report to the customer any money or property received and paid out and, upon request, provide an accounting of these actions. This duty also requires the agent to safeguard money and property held on behalf of the customer.

Reasonable Skill
Based on Article 11 of the NAR Code of Ethics, the services that REALTORS® provide to customer should conform to the standards of practice and competence which are reasonably expected in the specific real estate disciplines in which they engage. In other words, agents should not try to provide specialized professional services concerning a type of property or service that is outside their field of competence.

Agency and Material Fact Disclosure
Disclosure of agency relationships, including an explanation of the difference between a customer and client relationship, must be made in a timely fashion so that customers can protect their own interests, such as not revealing confidential information. Material facts about properties must be disclosed.

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