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Tis the season...

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The Christmas season is here

The end of the year is near

The star is on top of the decorated tree

A wish list has been sent to Santa for me

The dinner is prepared with Christmas ham

Green beans, scalloped potatoes, and even the Yams

You can now settle down in a comfy chair

Grab some hot chocolate and let down your hair

Time to think of 2008

Was it a bummer or was it great?

It's hard to think its come to an end

It's time to see which habits to mend.

What are my goals, what do I want to do?

And of course how to get there , I must plan that too!

To resolve to make more money, , to loose weight

more family time , more savings, to change my fate.

Is not enough

I must have a plan when the going is rough.

It must not just have a destination

but also include a map to each station.

So excuse me for now, this time is mine

It's time to plan for "2009"!


Wishing you a Happy, Prosperous New Year!


Charlotte Rose Realty