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Have you created your FriendFeed account yet? If not, it’s very simple as you can see if you check out this post: Creating A FriendFeed Account.

In this post, we’re going to walk through setting up some services from FriendFeed's extensive list of services. If you are active on Twitter, you would want to add it. Likewise for any other social networking service you subscribe to. Why?

Because FriendFeed aggregates all of your activity on your other social networking services in one place, making the whole thing sort of like one stop shopping.

So, log into your FriendFeed account, which will open to your Home feed page. On the upper right hand area of the screen you’ll see ‘Account’ - that’s the one to click.

That will bring you to 'Feed Preferences': click 'add'.


That in turn will bring you to a partial list of services (which you can expand to include the entire list by clicking   ‘See all 59 services)

You likely subscribe to one or more of these services, and those are the ones you should add. When you do, all your activities on those other services are going to appear on your FriendFeed feed. What’s more, all of the activities of your ‘friends’ who use those services will also appear, on your feed.

As you will see, the process is simple.

I’ve been planning to begin using my StumbleUpon account, so here I’m going to add that service to my list of services by selecting it, entering my StumbleUpon user name and clicking ‘Import StumbleUpon'.

That takes me back to the list of services, where the ones I have added to my account are listed on the far right. A you can see,  StumbleUpon is now one of them. Now, let’s check my feed to see if I’ve ‘Stumbled’ anything yet.

Turns out I did - within the last minute! Now, people who see that Stumble on my feed can give the author a little traffic by clicking on the link, and they can also comment on it if they want to, right from my FriendFeed feed.

Supposing my Stumble was a few days older and didn’t appear at the top of my feed (which list things chronologically, most recent at the top). You’d have to search for it and taht can become frustrating.

Well, here’s a little hint - by heading over to the ‘Me’ link, I can filter my feed to eliminate everything but my personal social activities - which greatly shortens the list.

And from that view, I can further filter the feed content by selecting any one of my services - by selecting StumbleUpon, my one and only Stumble now appears alone on the page.

I think you may be starting to see why filtering content is extremely important with FriendFeed. Otherwise, things may be hard to find and your feed may become cluttered and 'noisy'. So the subject of filters is where I propose to head next. See you there.


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