Selling Real Estate: With an Agent: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Selling Real Estate: With an Agent: Advantages & Disadvantages

As with most decisions, it is helpful for most people if they make comparisons between the advantages and the disadvantages of their decision. When weighing the potentially expensive prospect of selling Real Estate, this part of the decision making process can be crucial. An effective Agent can relieve you of most of the tasks and expense of selling a home, but it will, of course, come at a cost--a commission. Selling the property on your own relieves you of the commission, but requires that you become proficient in a number of different areas and duties that are normally handled by the Agent.



  • The Agent handles all of the cost of marketing and advertising of the property.
  • The biggest one: You will have to pay a commission that could be 5%, 6%,or 7% of the selling price. Commissions are negotiable, but there will be one!
  • Using an Agent will most likely give your home access to the Multiple Listing Service, meaning that any Agent in the area can show the home.
  • You lose some level of control of the process.
  • Showings of the home will be coordinated by and done by Agents.
  • There is always the chance for disagreement between you and the Agent on marketing philosophies and methods.
  • The Agent will arrange for the proper forms and agreements that are needed when selling a home in your locality.
  • If the market is "hot" you may be able to do it on your own and sell the house quickly.
  • Much of the negotiation process will be handled by the Agent.


  • The Agent may have access to assistance for buyers for financing, inspections, etc.
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