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A Holiday Message from GreatWest GMAC

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Not long ago, a Great West GMAC Real Estate professional lamented that as a child, she would often daydream about living in a home similar to the doll house she had. The doll house became among the most cherished of her memories.

As we grow older and hopefully mature to a certain degree, we realize that what we wish for as a child isn't always possible. However, something about the little Victorian doll house, decked out in holiday grandeur, had never drifted far from her dreams for the future.

Little did she know years later she would become a Great West GMAC Real Estate Professional, and would often become the instrument or channel for making many clients' dreams for a home come true.

In November 1981 when she received her real estate license, the interest rates were at this nation's highest. Homes purchased then, were not chosen because of the "warm-fuzzy" feelings they lavished. They were primarily chosen because they were the one in twenty properties on the market for sale with a good assumable low interest rate loan, and low equity....In other words, they were affordable and practical - even though they were not necessarily a dream home.

Many Great West GMAC Real Estate professionals, believe we may be on the threshold of one of the greatest real estate opportunities experienced in California in many years. There is one of the largest inventories of homes on the market for sale coupled with low interest rates for mortgages.

Buyers of entry-level homes are finding although their income would not make home mortgage payments affordable in the past, the lower interest rates and home prices, are now considerably more comfortable. Many more first time buyers are qualifying for homes. And, these same buyers are having a much larger selection of homes to choose from.

Many Great West GMAC Real Estate clients who wished to move up to a second, or third home, a few years ago were finding that the cost differential between their existing homes and homes they wished to move into was a difficult stretch. Now, because the upper-end home has borne the brunt of our current market conditions, these same clients are finding they can comfortably make the move they had wished for in years past.

I guess the message is that much of what we experience in life has to do with our own perceptions of the experience. What one person sees as a "bad break," another can see as an opportunity. In the summer of 2005 our perceptions were to buy anything we could get our hands on.... We were in a frantic feeding frenzy in the housing market. Looking back, many people's perceptions of opportunity, were not well served. The time of opportunity may very well be now!!!

If you believe as many Great West GMAC Real Estate Professionals, that this may be a window of opportunity for you to achieve the dream of home ownership - please contact us, so we may assist you in turning that dream into reality!

And as we approach the ending of this current year - we at Great West GMAC Real Estate want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family, a Very Happy Holiday Season, and a Very Prosperous New Year!

Written for Great West GMAC Real Estate
By: Myrl Jeffcoat

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