New Company Emerges Despite Challenging Markets

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Well there certainly is alot right about this company, CONNECT REALTY INC (check us out at  

The company approach to this start up is gradual on purpose and I think we are all better by it.  I know as a recruiter we want to see everything to take place like overnight.

But we are the "originators" of this company --- the first to sign on....and with that comes the burden of frustration --- want this or that to happen like yesterday.

Expanding too rapidly and having haphazard systems in place is where most companies fail. 

This company is different ---- there are countless people and unbeliveable hours, days, months (and yes, even years) that have been consumed at both the corporate and state levels of the organization to innovate change to a decades old business model that has outlived it's tenure.

Clients have evolved and changed but the industry hasn't, not at least, at the same pace.  And that is part of the problem.

These are exciting times --- its a gutsy move to introduce a company like ours, during very challenging economic times....

But think about it --- here's a company that advocates cost reduction in a huge way...Eliminating overhead and impacting brokers and agents at only $200 a year to affiliate?  And $45 E&O insurance per transaction --- and that's it.


Listen to this testimonial:

I am a hard sale --- I about chewed up the Connect Agent who was trying to recruit me on a phone call not too long ago ---With 40 years management experience, I thought I had seen, done, and heard everything.  I sternly told the guy, you have exactly 10 minutes to tell me what you have to say, and then, I'm out of here...I get phone calls like this 4-5 times a day and I dont take kindly to solicitations on a business phone.

Well guess what ---- 10 minutes turned into 2.5 hours and it was all the guy could to convince me to get off the phone as he had other people he needed to call.  Hey Man -- I'm SOLD. 

I was a 100% agent, leading my niche in the industry, and couldn't wait to get started.  And started I did --- hitting the ground running. And I will never look back!  - Beryl  (thank GOD this recruiter has since become a reliable friend!)

Just who is this company ---- well, check out this website:  

And don't go there unless you are ready to spend some time on it...if it doesn't excite you, then its because you never really checked it out, or you didnt believe what you seen...especially the income estimator've got to see the numbers --- they don't lie --- it sure SOLD me and coountless other brokers and agentsa whoi have converted just since the company launched in April 2008.

If you would like more information, go to or contact Beryl Gosney at, or call 425-344-2222 12 NOON - 1 PM weekdays (except Wednedays).

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Christine DiNardi
Keller Williams Realty - Coventry, RI

Although a few new companies are opening - more are closing and/or consolidating in our area.  I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavor.  If you have any refferall for Rhode Island - don't hesitate to contact me.

Feb 11, 2009 04:35 AM
Beryl Gosney
PNW Towns & Sound (Puget Sound Realty Group) - Lakewood, WA
Broker, Veterans Real Estate & Short Sale Expert

Thank you so much Christine for your kind words...

Well we are trying our best to show many of these agents how Connect came at the right time and can prevent them from leaving our industry....but our TRUE STORY is so hard to believe many dont trust the conversion...I feel sad for them....Cause it doesnt have to be that way.

I was a 100% desk fee agent for years, and I, and so many like me, are thankful to be at Connect, while we watched former companies closed their doors behind us or merge for survival.....In my case, I had ugly feelings about the company for about 6 months prior and 3 weeks after I signed over to Connect Rewalty, they merge into my office and closed their main corporate office behind

Unfortunately we are not in all states yet, as bad as I'd like us to be, but those states we are in, I really encourage anybody who will listen for FREE, to kick our tires, ask lots of questrions, and talk with the many agents we have that came to us from all the major other companies.  They will tell you their own personal stories...and visit my web site at: ---

By the way, I was skeptical at first myself, and now, I am embarrased to say, I was really hard on the person who recruited me.   Today, I kiss his feet cause it is everything and more....Today I am a nationwide recruiter and enjoy great success helping others convert, and meeting my own self induced sales goals.  I've truely never been happier Christne...Honest engine!  Thats to my sponsor!

So please pass the word  to anyone you know personally on Active Rain, who you know who is thinking about changing companies or getting out all together....

If they follow our model and attend our online sessions, we will hold hands and work to gether to make each other successful....but they have to be willing to be participate.....they have to have it in their heart that they want to succeed and I'll work harder then they will to get em there.

And because we are totally virtual, I can be sitting on the sands of Waikiki and still work as I sip Mai Tai's....hahaha 

GOD BLESS you and your family Christine!



Feb 11, 2009 03:50 PM