Is a bailout Anti-American

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Think about it like this.

If you could go to Las Vegas, wager and win keep you profits would you? If you do not win, the house would come and give your money back in the form of a low interest loan and say ‘try again'. Now, with this new found money, you have a second chance. If this second change is successful you keep all the profits above and beyond these low interest loans. If this second change does not prove successful, you don't have to pay the money back.

This bailout of those who are not rewarded for taking risk is completely opposite to what built our economy which rewards for risk. And of course, that risk comes at a price if you don't succeed.

What makes matters worse is that if the program does not prove successful and the banks cannot right the ship, the owner of this $700 Billion in bad debt and worthless loans are the American Taxpayer. Most Americans would probably not make this investment the Government is making for us.

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