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In an instant, I was on my back looking skyward

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"Are you alright?", I heard someone say. It took a few seconds to realize what had just happened and to know that I was probably alright. Still, here I was flat on my back in the icy parking lot. Getting up and brushing myself off, I thanked the inquirer and acknowledged my good fortune. "Thanks, I'll be just fine."
Only moments ago I was warning other shoppers to please be careful the ice is slick and dangerous. I even offered to assist an elderly women over the ice to the front door. Maybe I was not heeding my own advice or just missed seeing the dip in the ice but I went down like a rock.

This snow and ice storm that has hit the Seattle area over the last few days has wreaked havoc over the entire region. We are just not used to this much snow and are really unable to respond accordingly. Getting around is difficult at best and even the bus routes have been cancelled. The roadways are thick with snow and ice and seem impervious to the repeated efforts of the few plows and sanding trucks serving this broad region. Snow continued today and is expected on Christmas morning.

I don't know if my morning aches are from the fall or the snow shoveling I did in the neighborhood yesterday. I'm just happy to be staying home out of the weather enjoying a peaceful quiet day. Wherever you are, I wish you a peaceful and safe holiday season.

Published by Greg Saffell/ South Sound Surfer
In an instant, I was on my back looking skyward


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Robert Havana
Park and Protect- Alberta Real Estate License Parking - Calgary, AB
Alberta Real Estate License Parking

Merry Christmas Greg, hope your feeling better.

Dec 24, 2008 05:25 AM