New Home Construction/Room Addition Process Plan Design Phase

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This is usually the first step in the new home-building or room addition process.  The homeowner either finds an existing homeplan or meets with an architect to design a true custom home plan or room addition. 

For new home-building, the homeowner could find a stock homeplan for sale from many different sources.  There are many companies that offer these stock home plans for a very reasonable fee of around $1,200.00.  You can search the internet for these companies or the homeowner could contact local architects to see if they offer stock plans for sale.  Even though you can save some money by buying a stock plan, the possible drawback in buying a stock plan is you very rarely find the perfect home plan that has all of your requirements. 

If the homeowner designs a custom plan, this will typically be an iterative process.  It may take 3-5 meetings with the homeowner and architect to get the plan just right.  But it is very important to make sure all the homeowners' requirements are identified and documented.  The typical cost of a custom home plan is around $1.50 a sq. ft. of total home square footage. 

One other note, most cities now require room addition and home plans to be stamped by a structural engineer.  This stamp will confirm that the home is designed to meet all minimum structural requirements of the national building codes. 

I hope this information is helpful.  The next step will be the lot plot plan and lot surveying.

Keith Worrel, KC Construction Agent

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