Survival Tips For.....After-Christmas Shopping

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We all know that the day after Christmas is going to be a totally insane shopping day as well as an opportunity to save a lot of money on next year's gifts-- and it's all crazy cheap!  Unfortunately, after Christmas shopping can be stressful and it's certainly easy to lose your cool if you don't have the proper preparation and mind set in place before heading out the door. 

Here's a few suggestions...    

 1.    Eat Breakfast: If you want to start early and be ahead of the game, it may be tempting to skip breakfast and just grab a quick latte.  Don't!  You're going to need all the energy you can get in order to handle your day and manage the stress of the crowds.  Make sure you have a healthy and substantial meal before heading out.

2.    Be Ready: No doubt you will have items that you will be returning; have them organized in easy to carry bags with gift receipts attached, if possible.  If you're just going for a great deal then have an idea of what you want before hand, otherwise you might over purchase and end up with items that you'll never use.

3.    Justify The Purchase: If you happen to see a great deal on a particular item, think about the use before you purchase it.  Ask it for me or someone else?  Have some post-it notes with you to label items for other people so you don't forget.

4.    Know Where You Are Going:  It's really a good idea to make a list of places you want to visit and put them in a particular order.  There may be stores that you know are better to hit early due to the crowds.  Save the not so important places for last on your list just in case you're too tired to hit them all.  Set a time limit to get in and out of each destination.

5.    Work Together:  Try if possible to drop one person at the door if you're only returning an item.  This will avoid the driving around looking for the parking place that you probably won't find anyway.  Have them call you on the cell phone when they have finished the transaction and meet them out front.

6.    Leave The Kids At Home:  This will not only save you an enormous amount of stress but the children will be much happier playing at home with their new toys.  Prearrange a sitter and bring her a special gift.

7.    Last But Not Least....BREATHE AND COUNT TO TEN IF NECESSARY:  Whatever you do decide before you leave the house that this is going to be a fun experience and no one person or situation is going to get you upset.  Be patient, be kind and be helpful!!

Good Luck And Have A Wonderful Day!                                 

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