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2008 has been riddled with obstacles. With the dawn of 2009, more regualtions will be issued and more changes in the way we all do business.  But, maybe the regulators will wake up to the fact that they have regualted an industry too much.  It is harder to decide who we should feel more competent, Congress and the Fed or the banks and auto industry.  When you give away as much money as the Congress, Treasury and Fed have, some groups need to say ENOUGH!..  We can't keep bailing out every company that has a thin or negative bottom line.  People are getting antsy, they want to start getting back to a normal way of living. It is clear by the calls we get to purchase or refiance. We are busy, it is difficult to find a lending institution that wants to make loans.  I have 5 great sources, the others I will never sent to and they are big banks, deep pockets- bad service and even more horrible attitudes.  If you  are a mortage broker, you probably know who I am talking about.


Anyway, I have not written in a while. I wish you all a great NEW YEAR!

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James Graner
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Good points! Thank You Kate!

Dec 27, 2008 07:53 AM
Eleanor Thorne
Equity Resources - Cary, NC
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Kate! Thanks!  And thanks for all of your work to make the builders "let go" of their controlled mortgage arrangement!

Jan 06, 2009 01:56 AM