Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams

I can't believe this one.  I called my old HVAC guy to come service one of my rental properties.  He told me that I did not need him to come to the property; he walked me through what to do myself.  When he was finished, he said he heard that I was a Realtor and was looking for a house and what should he do?  I said to get qualified, find a house then call me.  I didn't say it that way, I said something like: you should talk to a mortgage company, see how much you can afford then decide on what neighborhood you want to live in.  Well my guy, got qualified by the mortgage company, then found the house.  When I called the seller, he said he was just waiting for my call....its going  to close in 25 days........Wouldn't it be great if all clients followed directions........Oh and the best part of that day??? It was yesterday, 12/26...nobody was working, I wrote three contracts for the day!  And i pretty sure I getting 2 listings from 2 of those contracts.  Man what a day....

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