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This morning some local FFA and 4-H kids came in to my office and asked for our help with their fund-raiser.  They were probably in their early teens, but their presentation was professional and confident.  It takes a lot of guts to come into all the local businesses and ask for help.   I can tell that their experience in the FFA and 4-H clubs will benefit them greatly in their futures.  I thought that I would pass this information on to the community.

Who is the Sandy Area Buyer's Pool and what do they do?

The Sandy Area Buyer's Pool was organized in 1997 and consists of businesses and individuals who have supported 4-H and FFA members at the Jr. Livestock Auction.

The Clackamas County Fair Jr. Livestock Auction is the climax of a year's work for 4-H and FFA exhibitors.  As a learning and business venture, members have selected, fed and groomed beef, lamb, hogs and goats.  They bring their animals to the county fair to be judged, graded and sold.

The Clackamas County Jr. Livestock auction is their marketplace and you are the prospective buyer.

Your donation to the Sandy Area Buyer's Pool will help support the price for the auction animals.

  • 4-H and FFA Members are learning to produce food for your table.
  • They are learning how to be in business for themselves.
  • Their business is on a small scale and their costs are higher than the commercial producer.
  • Help them succeed by supporting them now.

We hope to raise $10,000 towards the livestock auction this year.   Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

A contribution of $20 or more will include an invitation to our 7th Annual Thank You BBQ in September.

If you would like further information about the Sandy Area Buyer's Pool, please call Teresa McKinnis at (503) 668-5027 or Becky Sintek at (503) 668-8110.

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