So you don't like football?

Real Estate Broker/Owner

Sundays in the December mean the end of the regular season for the National Football League and this Sunday there are plenty of games that have playoff implications.

But for those that don't like football, here is your lineup from Time Warner.

Spend some time and look at buying the world's best air cleaner, or maybe look at purchasing a miracle cure for  arthritis, a wonder clothes hanger, stick up light, and maybe get your colon cleaned.

For those that really like commercials, see just about every human condition taken care of by the new medicines on the market.  How about some retread movies, most have been shown 100's of times.

Maybe you want to here repeats of the same news stories on every news channel.  There are plenty of opportunities.

Are you a medical junkie?  There plenty of shows on new procedures, breast enhancements, etc.  If you like the law, watch crimes being solved on every other channel.

I'm sure there are enough reality shows on to fill a bucket, except these shows aren't my reality. 

Think we have it tough as Realtors, check out the latest toughest jobs.

Find out what the weather is in an area that you don't live in.

Check out the local government channels, learn not to fire guns in subdivisions and what the lunch menu is this week in the schools.

In short, football is still king and it doesn't have even a close challenger!

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