Maybe we need to get rid of some customers.

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One of the great things about being a Realtor is that you can help people achieve their dreams concerning real estate.  But what should we do about the demanding customer?

I have some examples of how we put ourselves in positions that we can't win.  For example, what do you do about the customer that sees a home on line and wants more information.  They email you and tell you that they were looking online and saw the listing at 123 Main St.  They want you to go by and look at the home and give them information about how close to the road the home is, or what the neighborhood is like, or how big the backyard is.

Or maybe the phone rings and someone wants information about one of your listings because they are looking at the FSBO down the street.  Of course you are obligated to give information about your listed property and are glad to do so, but then they ask about the other property. 

How do we answer these questions?  I believe we first have to make sure that they are not working with another agent, and then we have to ask them if they would like to work with us.  If not, direct them to the tax office, or suggest they take the time to look at the properties in question.

I say this because unless we willing to lose potential customers  can we become professional in the eyes of the public.   Too many Realtors think that being the information source will get them business.  And if enough think so, we become the equivalent of the local library.

So there are times when we don't need to give out information, and there are times when we need to get rid of demanding customers.


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