I am qualified to be in the New York Senate

Real Estate Broker/Owner

Okay, here are my qualifications:


I understand that the government is supposed to be for the people, by people.  Since I am actually "one of the people"  I understand the needs of the people more than a Kennedy that lives in a private compound with out of touch rich people.

I actually have worked for a living.  I have paid taxes, paid for  health care, and owned a small business.  I have not though had the time to work for a non profit, follow family members around when they are campaigning nor have I worked for a political committee, think tank or received symbolic board posts because of my family connections.

I have not received any money from any special interest.  I have none,  although  the safety of my family is pretty big to me.  I  would like to help determine where the TARP money goes.  Since all the economists say that we can't get out of this mess until the consumer starts spending money and since the banks won' lend any, I propose that we give all Americans 50k and you are required to spend it in 1 year.  It is a stupid idea, but it can't be worse than giving money to the folks that got us here in the first place.

I have no money.  Giving me the job would reduce the under employed in the nation.  My staff would be new to working in their new jobs, and would increase tax revenues since most have no money either and hence have no tax write off

I will help the county it's dependence on oil.  I need a new car and promise to buy anything that is green.   No big gas guzzler for me.

No new taxes.  Enough said.


Well, call your representatives and get my name in the running.



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