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Where do we go from here?

Woodward Promotions LLC proudly presents:

How to Prosper In Difficult Times

February 6-8, 2009 Troy, Michigan


Learn from the experts how to

Master the Game


Not only will you learn from the best real estate experts in the business, but we are having speakers who will train you in the business of LIFE!!!


In a few short months, our fear about a housing meltdown has become a fear of a world wide financial meltdown.

In one year the price of houses in Michigan has gone down an amazing 25%. This stunningly rapid decline has spread over into the banks, Wall Street, the economy and even the world.

It’s not fun to watch the stock market fall even faster than the price of houses. Every day the government comes out with a new fix-it plan that is supposedly the right one.


So what should we do about this?

Is this the time to totally retrench and do nothing but worry?



There is always more money to be made when times are tough. Many multi-millionaires got their start in the midst of the depression.

We have to learn how to make money in a downturn, how to run our business like a business and, most importantly, how to turn the damn TV off and stop the fear machine.

So how do you make money in a downturn?

To find the answers, we have assembled the best and the brightest of experts in the fields of short sales, business planning, neighborhood redevelopment, landlording, real estate rehabbing and internet marketing.

In addition we will have dozens of vendors speaking on a wide variety of topics such as insurance, appraisals, transitional housing, property tax appeals, technology, home inspections, self directed IRA’s and much more.  All of these folks have expertise and the best methods to get you moving toward your financial goals.

 And, if you are a Realtor, get your six hours of continuing education requirement satisfied at our event!

3 Days of Expert Speakers

Who will address the current problems in real estate and business and show you how to profit from them like never before. You will leave with knowledge on how to do it and the kick in the pants to get you moving!

Since the government is buying all those miserable loans, it won't be long until they decide to dump them. Auctions of notes instead of houses?

Also, since the Governor is considering making it harder for banks to foreclose, stats are down. (doesn't mean that the number of people in trouble is down). Don't you think that banks are going to be less motivated to deal with this, and just sell the notes at a discount? What a way to set yourself set up for the rest of your life - collect checks without dealing with  tenants and toilets. 

Find Someone Who is Successful and Simple Do What They Do!

You don't have to re-invent the wheel. The shortcut to success is learning from other people's mistakes instead of your own. Don't let another amazing opportunity pass you by. So, what are the successful investors doing to make money in today's market? A variety of things and each has his own secrets.


                                 Our Panel of Experts

Mike Watson – Short Sales, REO’s and Seller Financing in Today’s Market  (Friday, February 6, 2009  9:00am-4:00pm satisfies Six Hour Continuing Education Requirement)

Mike will be educating Realtors and investors in dealing with one of the most prevalent real estate issues in today’s market.  

Economic conditions in America relating to short sales and REO’s have hit record levels of importance.  Property values individually and collectively in Michigan have been greatly affected.  Working with these types of properties will give licensees the opportunity to assist clients, invest themselves and rid the community of vacant and distressed properties. 

We may be facing the toughest time in the history of real estate for people to obtain traditional financing.  Sales aren’t being consummated because consumers can’t find lending opportunities.  Mike will be presenting different strategies of using seller financing to aid buyers and sellers to close transactions.  Another  topic covered will be working with banks to legally get assumption clauses added to regular mortgages, “Due on Sale” clauses removed from regular mortgages and getting seller financing directly from banks themselves.



Ed King, CPA - Business Planning & Development

An ex-carny with M.B.A. and CPA by his name, King is part jokester, part motivator and part used-car salesman. But he's all businessman when it comes to guiding entrepreneurs to business ownership.
         "I got into this because I was sick of seeing all these people starting a small business who just didn't know what they're doing," said King. People spend more time buying a car or choosing an outfit than they do planning a. business venture."
     King is a former Price Waterhouse consulting manager and author of two small-business how-to books. He spent 15 years in carnivals running rigged games of chance in mall parking lots across the country. 

     Since 1981 he’s been working with Wayne State University to help entrepreneurs overcome the hurdles that trip most small businesses. He figures his years of hawking fuzzy dice and cheap trinkets help him assist small business.
     The task can be daunting. It is estimated that one-third of all start-ups fail within six months. And nine of 10 companies operating today eventually fail or just quit trying.
     But King said he and Wayne State have come up with a mostly fool-proof plan: Provide as much information as possible about as many things as possible. 
      "We pride ourselves on squeezing as much information as we can into our classes," said King. "I don't know where else you can get so much information, in your face, in a user-friendly level."
    Students learn to:

       Reduce taxes.

     Students also get information on approaching investors, successful franchisees and market analysis.
         King has a good time teaching, but students say the bottom line is his classes give them information they can use.

 Mr. King is the author of the books Running a PROFITable Small Business and Starting a PROFITable Small Business, is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), who has been teaching small business workshops for over 15 years.  Prior to his teaching at Wayne State University, Mr. King was a consulting manager at Price Waterhouse & Co.  His tax, accounting and consulting clients included: Burroughs (Unisys), Detroit Edison, K-Mart, Kelloggs, Total Petroleum, Champion Homes, La-Z-Boy Chairs, Diamond Crystal Salt Co., the University of Michigan, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan.  He graduated from the University of Michigan (with honors) with an MBA in Corporate Finance. 

          Mr. King recently completed work on his Profit Forecaster/Analyzer software.  This computer program will help the small business owner in moving away from "crisis management" through financial projections.


Chris Allred – Speckled Sheep - Neighborhood Redevelopment

Speckled Sheep are houses, large or small, that have something wrong with them; ugly, stinky, or just financially upside down.  Nobody wants Speckled Sheep…or do they?  You’ll find Speckled Sheep in every town, city, state, and all over this country. There are enormous herds measuring in the tens of thousands.  And their population is growing.  You see them everyday; and they are incredibly valuable!  So why are you passing them up?


Chris Allred will make you think (really think) about the huge opportunities available to you.  How you can become remarkable and make your competition irrelevant.  How you can create a predictable monthly income regardless of the economic climate.  How you can control markets and predict appreciation.  And how you can make a huge difference in your community at the same time.


Speckled Sheep herding is not easy but way easier than you think.  It’s just different.


Chris is the founder of American City Rehabz, Inc. ( a real estate firm specializing in large scale neighborhood revitalization projects.  American City Rehabz facilitates the acquisition, rehabilitation, and liquidation of non-performing real estate in large volumes.  American City Rehabz was established to be the first business model developed to predictably bring private market-based capital into neighborhood revitalization projects.


Chris has worked with banks, bankers, credit unions, mortgage servicers, regional property owners, government organizations, various non-profit groups, community-based organizations, builders, contractors, agents/brokers, investor groups and individual entrepreneurs.  Chris enjoys a strong relationship with government agencies, elected officials, and business and community leaders.  His reputation for fairness, community focused professional ethics, and problem-solving skills have led to his participation with industry and related advisory panels and commissions.


Chris is the inventor of Jumpr (, a web-based application tool developed for the estimation, project planning, underwriting, and collaboration of distressed real estate.  These patent-pending tools are currently under review for industry adoption for BPO analysis and loss mitigation strategies by several national banks, mortgage services, and Wall Street firms dealing in distressed real estate.


Chris is obsessed with bringing the highest level of industry knowledge into the hand of private real estate professionals with a specialty in working with institutions such as banks and government agencies. 



Getta Jumpr

It’s not about the Gizmo (It’s about the elegance).


Mention innovation and we immediately think technology.  The truth is that business innovation is about value, not gadgetry.  But with the pace of technological progress sweeping us off our feet and getting caught up in the gizmo, most loose sight of the why behind the what.  We don’t want products and services.  We want solutions to problems.  That’s value.  And when it comes to solutions, simpler is better.  Say hello to Jumpr!


Jumpr is a Web 2.0 solution for the housing industry.  Utilizing mobile technology like your mobile phone or PDA, Jumpr provides fast, easy and accurate reports taking the guess-work out of constructing, remodeling, evaluation, appraising and inspecting homes and places that information in the palm of your hand in real-time.  No experience necessary.


During this presentation you will learn how this new technology helps agents, brokers, appraisers, etc. increase their credibility and become an expert; how to separate yourself from you competition by distinguishing yourself; how to use to use Jumpr to get more business faster with less effort.


Learn how this new technology, designed for Wall Street but now available for Main Street, automates short sale packages and BPO reports.  Manages closings in real time and manages your office.  Jumpr creates more opportunities for you to grow your business and not waste time managing your business.  It’s probably time you Getta Jumpr.

Jeffrey Taylor AKA Mr. Landlord

He is founder of and author of the bestselling book - The Landlord's Kit.  Jeffrey is the most requested speaker in the nation by real estate trade associations. He was voted the #1 national real estate instructor for two years in a row by the Cincinnati Real Estate Investors Association and. the Diversified Real Estate Investors Association of Philadelphia.   Among his many accomplishments Jeffrey is:

* Founder of MRLANDLORD.COM website, that has over 1,000,000 page views every month, and the most visited Q & A Forum on the Internet by rental property owners where answers and tips are provided by fellow rental owners across North America, professional property managers CPAs, and real estate attorneys.

* Chief Executive Officer of MR. LANDLORD, INC. - A national property management consulting firm - providing coaching tips to over 100,000 landlords annually and assisting owners with 1 to 1000 rental units.

* President of Home Rental Publishing - #1 national provider of information and resources for the small rental owner. Annually writes and publishes numerous books, reports, home-study courses and publications for rental owners.

* Editor of MR LANDLORD, largest circulated real estate newsletter in the country for 20 years.

* Rental Property Owner - He and his wife have acquired and manages rental properties ranging from single family to apartment communites for over 20 years.

* Graduate of UCLA, Masters degree  in Communications and Honorary Masters Degree in Real Estate Investing.

* Trainer for a property management company while holding his real estate license, conducting seminars and classes on property management.

* Author of a dozen publications, books and reports on various aspects of property management and has written over 1200 published articles on the subject. Also provides articles for over 100 association newsletters.

* He's been interviewed on numerous radio talk and TV shows across the country and quoted in hundreds of publications, newspapers and magazines including; appearing several times on CNN, quoted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Personal Finance Magazine, Real Estate Journal, Business Week Magazine, and the New York Times.

* Conducted over 1000 seminars and workshops and has assisted thousands of landlords nationwide in increasing their monthly Cash flow and Resident Retention.
Jeffrey is highly informative, entertaining and inspirational.  He brings his passion for landlording.   Among the topics Jeffrey will be discussing are:


  How To Determine Which Residents Are Best For You

  Where To Find AND Attract Ideal Residents

  How To Get Current Residents To Refer Others

  5 Ways To Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook

  Make Your Property More Appealing (To Good To Refuse)

  Sure-Fire Methods to Getting Rental Applicants to Say Yes!

  How To Follow-up With Prospects, Turn Them Into Residents


  How To Establish Top Market Rental Rates

  How To Increase Cash Flow When Showing Vacancies

  How To Get Residents To Want To Pay You More Money

  Know Which Amenities Generate The Most Cash Flow

  Let Every Resident Communication Be A Cash Flow Opportunity

  How To Raise The Rents And Keep Residents Happy

  How To Make Maximum Income Even At The End of The Rental Relationship


  Recognize The 9 Most Costly Landlord Mistakes

  Resident Selection Criteria and Fair Housing

  Vital questions to ask every applicant

  How To Quickly Identify Problem Residents BEFORE They Move In

  What to communicate to all residents to avoid future problems

  How To Eliminate Costly Surprises During The Year

  10 Essential Clauses To Include In Your Lease

  How To Avoid Retaliation Even When Residents Are Evicted


  How To Get Residents to Stay A Minimum of Six Years

  How To Turn Poor-Performing Residents Into Cooperative Residents

  How To Get Current Residents To Take Better Care of Your Property

  How To Get Residents To Pay You On Time - Every Time

  How To Get Neighboring Residents To Live In Harmony

  How To Get Residents to Quickly Correct Any Lease Violation




JT Foxx – How to Make a Fortune in Real Estate in the Middle of a 700 Billion Dollar Bailout



A few of his topics include:



 How to do between 1-100 deals a year in the middle of a bailout market

9 ways to sell and rent your property 10 times faster in today’s market

Learn 5 secrets to invest safely, securely & very profitably in today's irrational market

6 ways to develop the right mindset for today’s media driven negative environment.

How to negotiate with distressed homeowners to get them to say yes to your offer

Find out the 13 real estate no-no’s that will virtually guarantee you not get the deal.

learn to avoid them and use them to your advantage to close your deals easier!


 J.T. Foxx  is most recognized as the founder of The Millionaire Success Puzzle and popular nationally syndicated weekend radio personality of the “J.T. Foxx Show”.



His mission  is to educate, enhance networking, and encourage you to

take action to attain financial freedom

Extra Bonus

Friday evening will be a roundtable discussion by representatives of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties and the City of Detroit.  They will be presenting various programs they have to stimulate real estate development.  Bring your questions and comments to have them addressed directly by your government officials.

The Whole Weekend is only $97 if you pre-register or $127 at the door.  Bring a spouse, friend or business partner for an additional $37.

The seats are going fast! If you want to experience three days that could literally change your life and put you on the road to true financial independence, this in the one event in 2009 that you MUST attend!

You can succeed faster by creating more support in your life and business. We want to make sure the conference has the most impact for you! We want you to bring with you your spouse, business partner or a friend who wants to help you succeed in this business. Sign up now with that right hand person and be assured of a seat at the event.

Event Dates, Time & Location

Friday February 6    8:30am-9:00pm

Saturday February 7  8:30am-8:00pm

Sunday February 8  8:30am-5:00pm



811 W. Square Lake Road

Troy, MI 48098


Woodward Promotions LLC

PO Box 698

Farmington, MI 48332




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