Ed King, CPA, to Discuss Business Planning and Development at a Weekend Real Estate Conference in Metro Detroit

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An ex-carny with an MBA and CPA by his name; part jokester, part motivator, part used-car salesman, but all businessman as he guides entrepreneurs to business ownership


Troy, MI - Woodward Promotions, LLC will be hosting a panel of experts at a weekend conference on how to prosper in difficult times.  As real estate prices fall and the stock market drops, amazingly, more opportunities to make money become available.  This conference is designed for real estate investors and business owners to address the problems in our economy while developing new ways of structuring their business to meet their financial goals of 2009.


With Ed King joining the panel this is sure to be an educational and an action packed event.  Ed King is a very dynamic speaker who will have everyone at the edge of their seats; entertaining and educational, guaranteed, no one will be bored when he speaks! 


Ed King is a former Price Waterhouse consulting manager and author of two small business how-to books.  He spent 15 years in carnivals running rigged games of chance in mall parking lots across the country.  Since 1981, King has been working with Wayne State University to help entrepreneurs overcome the hurdles that trip most small businesses.  He figures his years of hawking fuzzy dice and cheap trinkets have helped him with assisting small business owners.  "I got into this because I was sick of seeing all these people starting a small business who just didn't know what they were doing," said King.  "The task can be daunting.  It is estimated that one-third of all start-ups fail within six months and 9 out of 10 companies operating today will eventually fail or just quit trying."


Ed King and Wayne State have developed a fool-proof plan to provide as much information as possible about as many things as possible.  "We pride ourselves on squeezing as much information as we can into our classes," said King.  "I don't know where else you can get so much information, in your face, in a user-friendly level."  In Ed Kings' classes, students learn how to read a balance sheet and income statement, increase the efficiency of a sales staff, calculate a business's return on investment, write an attractive advertisement, reduce taxes and much more.  Students have a lot of fun learning; Ed King has just as much fun teaching; the bottom line is his classes provide valuable information that they can use in business.


Ed King graduated from the University of Michigan, with honors, and with an MBA in Corporate Finance.  He recently completed work on his Profit Forecaster/Analyzer software, a program that will help the small business owner in moving away from "crisis management" through financial projections.


Come to this information-packed weekend event to hear a panel of experts speak on many real estate and business related topics, February 6 - 8, at MSU-Mec at 811 W. Square Lake Road; Troy, MI  48098.  Learn more at http://www.woodwardpromotions.com and register for this event; seats are filling up quickly; register today.




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