“Financial Aid Information” Financial Aid Protocol -Parents Fail The Grade!

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The Financial Aid Office is not a fast food drive thru. You cannot have it your way.

Many people have their own opinion of how a FAO should be operating. The purpose of the financial aid office is to disperse funding to qualified individuals within both government and that particular college's guidelines. Unfortunately, your opinion doesn't matter. Make sure that you carefully review the policy and procedure process for any college you may want to attend. It will give you an inside perspective as to how that particular FAO office operates. This can assist in dismissing any unrealistic expectations that you may have and help to you to be better informed.


The Financial Aid Office is run by ordinary people assign to do an extraordinary job.

  1. Be nice and courteous.
  2. Submit your documents in an organized and easy to read format.
  3. Give them whatever they ask for.
  4. Keep any explanations to the point and brief.
  5. Only give them exactly what they ask for. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  6. Don't be late! If you have a deadline to keep, prepare to comply early. That will help to avoid being tardy and potentially forfeiting needed funding.
  7. Don't Lie. Any false information you give to the FAO is fraud and punishable by law. So don't do it even if you think it's a small matter.
  8. Send them a thank you note even if you didn't get the money that you though you should.



The Financial Aid Office is not a confessional. They cannot forgive your past failures.

Many parents think that a sad story for a will give them an edge in getting financial aid. Unfortunately, you may have had a major setback but that doesn't necessarily mean that your situation will qualify you for "professional judgment". This is the discretion that a FAO may have to grant special funding in certain situations. Remember, they process thousands of applications and you are one among thousands. They have already heard every story under the sun. If you think you have a special circumstance that would merit a "professional judgment". Make sure you know the rules for special consideration before you state your case. The way you present your story can make a difference.


The Financial Aid Office has limits.

FAO can only award what is available from their sources. This is important to know because every college doesn't grant the same funding to every student. If a college has limited sources, their funding awards will be smaller than their counter part. Make sure that you know this long before filling out applications or making a commitment to any particular college.


Never agree to an award if you do not understand it.

After a college receives your package, the student will receive an award letter. Buyer Beware! It is very important that you review this document thoroughly especially the codes and symbols many colleges use to define their funding options. Ask questions if you don't know the answers. In most cases you can accept or reject any portion of the award that you desire.



As you can see, it's very easy to miss critical planning opportunities if you do not have sufficient knowledge to preplan. There are thousands of planning strategies that are missed by most parents. If you think that you might need a consultation' please fell free to call our office. One of our certified college planners would be delighted to answer your questions. Or feel free to email your concern to Jefft@tuitionreductionplan.com.


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