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Don't ask me how (maybe it was professional curiousity), but I got sucked into watching several episodes of Million Dollar Listing (Bravo Network). I'm not sure how much "reality" there is in this reality show, but the reality for me was that I could hardly keep my dinner down. In case you've missed this little jewel, it follows three 20-something Realtors in L.A. who sell big homes, drive big cars and (in my opinion) are just big tools. Not exactly a great way to showcase what we "normal" Realtors really do or represent how hard we really work. 

These aren't Realtors. They're spoiled party boys who list a home, sell it in a week and take their $300,000 to the bank. Then they shop, party and swing by Grandma's house to see if she can produce another rich geriatric lead they can schmooze into another large commission check. It seems to me that when it comes to national television and the local press, if they're not spreading more doom and gloom about the market, they're smearing more mud on our profession.

How about "Flip This House" and all the other shows in that genre that suggest every flipper makes a bundle? They show what the buyer paid, the amount of improvements, what the sale price was and then calculate the final "profit." Unfortunately, they forget to factor in the six additional months of carrying costs, Realtor fees, closing costs or anything else. That's not real profit. That's propaganda. But I guess it all works if we keep "Reality" where it quotation marks.
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